Development team

Brian Bavido

Sound Designer

Brian has worked with Dashboard Confessional, Art Garfunkel, Lisa Loeb, Norah Jones, Richard Marx and several other pop and rock stars.

Lance Brass

Director of Production

Lance has produced and managed major events ranging from the Toronto Jazz Festival's 25th anniversary, the medals ceremonies for the 2010 Vancouver Olympics to the world's largest dinosaur park at Kings Island Theme Park in Ohio.

Alan Cross

Content Director

Alan is a radio celebrity and expert on alternative music

and contextualizing rock 'n' roll for a mass audience.

He is a sought-after public speaker, TVand radio

commentator, and a prolific writer.

Geoffrey Curley


Geoffrey M. Curley + Associates is an innovative consulting

firm focused on developing and executing new and vibrant

educational, minds-on and hands-on experiences that are

earnest and impactful.

Andrew Dick

Director of Digital Media

Asavvy Director of Digital Media with over twenty years technology experience working in a variety of situations, from start-ups to large media companies. Andrew's clients include RIM, Universal Music Group, Apple, Sony Entertainment, Corus Entertainment, CBC, to name a few.

Michael Downs

Creative Director/ Scenic Designer

Michael is an Emmy nominated Creative Director / Scenic

Designer with over 625 productions in 40 countries and 5

continents to his credit.

Darran Edmundson

Interactive Director

EDM Studio Director Darran Edmundson has a decade of

experience in technology-based exhibit design. EDM Studio

is a leading-edge firm that combines programming and

design skills to deliver innovative solutions.



Cheryl Mure

Education Expert

Cheryl is an experienced professional with extensive training in

education, marketing, sales, business development and management.

She has appeared as an exhibition education expert for international,

national and local press, including The Martha Stewart Show, the

Today Show in Australia, and USAToday.

Jeffrey Ravitz

Lighting Director

Jeffrey is multiple Emmy award-winning Lighting Director for

live televised concerts, awards, comedy, fashion, game and talk

shows. He is also known for his work as Bruce Springsteen's

Lighting Designer.

Bryan Reinblatt

Managing Director

Bryan has over 10 years in special event production, including 3

years as General Manager of the Diesel Playhouse, a major

entertainment venue in Toronto producing plays, concerts,

and shows.

Nathalia Ribeiro

Director of Operations

Nathalia is a published researcher/editor with a Master's

degree from the University of Toronto. She has an impressive

list of accomplishments and extensive experience in the music

business in creating and marketing content for radio, TV, print,

and web

Red Robinson


Red, a Rock and Roll Hall of Famer, was one of the first DJs to

play Elvis Presley, Buddy Holly, and other rock 'n' roll artists in

Canada. Red's career highlights include being the emcee for

the Elvis Presley show in Vancouver in 1957 and for the

Beatles in 1964.

John Speake


John is a multiple award-winning Designer. His accomplishments

include: Art Director of the Year by the Florida Magazine

Association in 2011,18 Charlie Awards, an Emmy nomination

in 2004, to name a few