Why Your Dog is Indifferent to Your Music

10 Jan 2015

Contrary to what you might think, animals do have a capacity for music. The difference, though, is that because their vocal ranges, hearing abilities and heart rates differ from humans, they don’t recognize music the same way we do. 

Your dog perceives whatever you’re listening to as, well, noise. But that doesn’t mean we can’t make music for animals. It’s just that it has to be species specific.

Cats like material that’s closer in tempo to their resting heartbeat (which is faster than ours) and using higher frequencies. Techno seems to agree with them.

Dogs are more difficult because they come in different sizes with different heart rates and different vocal ranges. Labradors are most similar to humans. Chihuahuas probably like music that’s more cat-like. One thing seems to be clear, though: many animals get, uh, agitated when exposed to heavy metal.

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