The Reason We Gotta Dance

29 Nov 2014

You know when a certain piece of music sends a shiver down your spine or gives you chills? That’s a real involuntary response. 

The song creates the same response in your brain that you get from chocolate or a bump of cocaine or sex. The music fired those exact same neural circuits.



According to the University of Manchester—this is a 1996 study—the urge to dance may be a biological response to music not unlike those music shivers.  Researchers concluded that when a structure in the inner ear called the sacculus is stimulated by sounds higher than 90 db—which is a little louder than city traffic as heard inside a car—a specific set of nerves is told to move a collection of muscles along the spine.Since the brain finds that sequence of nerve stimulation rather nice, it seems that we begin to move involuntarily to the music to enhance the effect

It doesn’t work on all of us and not all of us do this gracefully—but in a certain percentage of us, we can’t help but dance when the music is loud enough.

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