The Other Famous Rolling Stones Tongue

07 Dec 2014

One of the most famous logos in rock n' roll is the Rolling Stones lips’n’tongue design that first appeared in 1971.  But there’s another tongue that is even more important to Stones history.

While attending Dartford Grammar School, Mick Jagger became the captain of the basketball team. He was an average player but by all accounts a good team leader.  During one particular rough game, Mick ran into a player from the opposing team.  He bit his tongue so hard that he actually bit off the tip—and swallowed it.


There was plenty of blood but there was little any doctor could do except to allow the tongue to heal the best it could.  Mick didn’t talk for a week.

But when he did start to speak, his voice was different.  The physical dimensions of his tongue had changed, affecting the muscular response of his whole mouth.  His posh way of talking had disappeared.  He no longer sounded so upper-class.  Instead, he came across as sounding tougher and grittier.  It also changed the way he sounded when he sang.  He was much more “street” in his delivery.

Makes you wonder if the Stones would have been the Stones if Mick hadn’t had this strange basketball injury, doesn’t it?

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