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Decades of RockDecades of Rock

Decades of Rock showcases the history and evolution of rock from the 1950s to the present day using artifacts, photos and informational panels.



History of Music FormatsHistory of Music Formats

Music has been recorded on 83 different formats throughout history.  Explore how we have gone from the wax cylinder to millions of songs in your pocket.
This area includes fascinating stories behind how music has been captured over the last 140 years.


Rock ComposedRock Composed

Rock Composed features interactive displays that demonstrate how tone, pitch, key, rhythm, tempo, timbre, melody, hook, harmony and contour all come in to play when composing rock music. What IS music? Why does it affect us emotionally? And what role does science play in this perfect harmony of technology and music creation?


Mixing RockMixing Rock

You get to be the recording engineer. Set the levels on the vocals and instruments for the iconic David Bowie’s Space Oddity to make your own unique sound.



the Tools of RockThe Tools of Rock

The Tools of Rock lets visitors summon their inner rock star in 3 different interactive areas where they will learn about the history and the science behind how instruments work – get your hands on the guitars and drums to create your own unique rock n’ roll sound!


The Sound of RockSound of Rock

Sound of Rock demonstrates how the sounds of rock are produced.  Discover the differences between mono versus all the various flavours of stereo and create your own riff on a ‘Reactable,’an interactive music-making table.



Concert ExperienceConcert Experience

Concert Experience immerses visitors into a virtual setting of a live concert using a twenty-foot video wall, light show and crowd effects. It’s the ultimate finale to The Science of Rock ‘N’ Roll.



​The Art of Rock

The Art of Rock sets the stage about the immeasurable impact of rock ‘n’ roll as an instigator and vehicle of social, political, and cultural change. It’s about originality, self-expression and freedom of speech. But it’s also about cars, groupies and having a good time on a Friday night; and it’s the result of art and science intersecting in music. Rock would not exist in the form it does today without advances in science and technology.