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Teach Science In the Key of Rock!

The Science of Rock N’ Roll is an exciting, engaging, dive-right-in field trip experience for student groups of all ages. Come discover the people, the art and the technology that has come together to create rock n' roll as we know it. Feel what it's like to riff on a guitar, or belt it out in a professional recording studio, or do a rim shot on a set of drums. Your students will learn with the unique hands-on interactive displays and animations.

Watch your students explore how different elements and instruments come into play when composing rock music. The Science of Rock N' Roll conveys the story of the soul of music in a way no other exhibition has – through the lens of science, technology, engineering and mathematics. Your students will be captivated inspired and eager to learn more long after the music stops. Bring your students to the most educational jam session they've ever experienced. This will be THE field trip of the year!

We've even got teachers' guides for both middle school and high school. Download yours today!