Recording in Stereo

31 Dec 2014

Stereo records were first made available the general public in the spring of 1958. The technology was welcomed by classical aficionados, jazz artists and arrangers of original cast recordings of Broadway plays or Hollywood movies.  But making stereo records meant very little to rock artists—at least initially.

Abbey Road, the base for the Beatles recording output, was a mono (one-track facility) until the early 60s before it was upgraded to two-track equipment.  By the time George Martin and the Beatles started working in Studio 2, four-track machines had been installed.  But even though parts were recorded on separate tracks, the standard practice was to mix everything down to mono.




It wasn’t until 1968 that enough recording studios had upgraded to proper stereo gear that mono rock records began to fade away.  By the end of the 60s, just about every single record label had switched to stereo.

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