The First Recording to Deliberately Feature the F-Bomb

03 Jan 2015

There are instances of the f-bomb accidentally sneaking into a recording—some say there’s such an oopsie in the Kink’s “You Really Got Me” as well as a John Lennon slip in “Hey Jude”—but the first documented deliberate use is credited to The Fugs.


The Fugs were a strange underground rock band formed in 1964 and refused to conform to any kind of status quo—and that extended to their use of language on their recordings.  In 1965, they issued a song entitled “CIA Man”  Here’s a sample of the lyrics:




Who can kill a general in his bed?

Overthrow dictators if they’re Red?

Fucking-a man!

CIA Man!

Who can buy a government so cheap?

Change a cabinet without a squeak?

Fucking-a man!

CIA Man!

You get the point.

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