Facts About the Compact Disc, Pt2

30 Jan 2015

 Unlike a vinyl record which revolves at a constant speed and plays from the outside in, a CD’s spin rate varies from 200 to 500 RPM and plays from the inside out.

At first, there was great reluctance by the recording industry and by record retailers to the compact disc.  Still suffering from both a brutal recession and the post-disco industry crash, the last thing they wanted to do was spend money on an unproven format.  They hated the idea of having to invest in factories, transportation, warehousing, marketing and shelving.

Shelving was an especially big issue for retailers.  After spending untold millions on racks for 12-inch LPs, they didn’t want to refurbish their stores to display compact discs.  A temporary solution was the introduction of the “longbox,” cardboard or plastic packaging that allowed two CDs to fit side-by-side in a rack designed for a vinyl album.  The longbox was eventually abandoned because of criticisms over too much wasteful packaging.

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