Facts About the Compact Disc, Pt 1

29 Jan 2015

Some things you may not have known about the ubiquitous CD:

The first CDs rolled off the manufacturing line of a factory in Hanover, West Germany, on August 17, 1982.  The first discs off the line seem to have been a recording of Alpensymphonie, Op. 64: Sonnenaugang by the Berliner Philharmonic conducted by Herbert Von Karajan and The Visitor by ABBA.

The first consumer CD player was the Sony CDP-101, which was released in Japan on October 1, 1982, the same day CDs first went on sale in that country.  The pricetag?  $900.

“Compact disc” was just one of a number of names considered for the new technology.  Other possibilities included CompactRack, MiniRack and MiniDisc.  Why “compact disc?”  To complement co-developer Philips’ earlier invention, the compact cassette (or just “cassette” to most of us.)

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