Blur’s Near-Martian Concert

10 Nov 2014

The members of Blur are all big fans of science, especially bass player Alex James.  The first inkling we got of this was the song “Far Out” on 1994’s Parklife album, which featured the lyrics “Vega Capella Hadar Rigel Barnard’s Star/Antares Aldebaran Altair Wolf 359/Betelgeuse sun sun sun.” 

When the European Space Union announced plans for a Mars probe, James became deeply involved in the campaign the fund the mission.  He also helped compose a musical piece called “Beagle 2.”  Had the probe landed safely in late 2003, it would have played this Blur song to confirm a successful touchdown.  Unfortunately, something went wrong and the probe was lost.

One more think about Alex:  he’s the Artist in Residence in the Astrophysics Department of Oxford University and is a member of the British Astronomical Association.

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